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Those last few years, the competition on advertising channels has exploded, and consumers wait for brands to offer them the best ad campaigns that can be. This results in media planning and buying becoming significantly more complex.‍ For you, marketing and communications expert, this complexity changes the way you work! On the one hand, you have to plan your advertising campaign in terms of targeting and message personalization; but you also have to deal with a multitude of media buying actors and broadcasting channels. In this blog post, you’ll discover how outsourcing your media buying can help you streamline your investments, and reach your notoriety, branding, leadgen, or traffic goals.

Why should you outsource your media buying? 

It’s clear in your mind that buying digital advertising space can help you achieve your goals. What if you outsourced your media buying, to streamline your budgets? Let’s discover the benefits of outsourcing.

To benefit from media buying expertise

If you ever tried it yourself, you may know how complex programmatic advertising can get. By outsourcing it to a media agency or a trading desk, you can take full advantage of the expertise on… 

  • The different media buying channels: media websites, Social Media, in-game advertising, TV, audio, DOOH… There are so many channels, and each requires specific expertise, on which an agency or trading desk can help you perform. 
  • The platforms which you can invest in: Xandr, DV360, The Tradedesk, Business Manager, TikTok, Snapchat, Displayce, OnepTV, Realytics… There are lots of platforms that can help you reach your goals! Your programmatic buying expert masters them all, and can orient you towards those which will fit your marketing needs to most. 
  • The formats you can adopt: display ads, video ads, native advertising, audio spots, interactive formats… The choice between all those formats can seem tough for media marketing beginners, and calls for a solid media strategy, to spend your budget on the formats that will bring you the best results. 
  • The optimizations you should prioritise: criteria you can set and optimize your campaign on are various, whether it is platforms, websites, formats, schedules, devices, geo-tracking, buying methods, capping, or others. A media planner knows how to tame algorithms, knows each and every one of the tools’ features, and knows in which order to test out the optimizations, to generate optimal results. 

To use your expert’s best practices benchmark

Programmatic media buying experts, or media agencies, have set up numerous campaigns for customers from different industries. By choosing an expert that already worked on media buying for companies in your industry, or companies that share the same target audience as you, you benefit from a precise benchmark of what works and what works less in terms of media advertising

Moreover, such an expert can advise you on the type of budget you should invest, regarding your final goals. This can prevent you from testing out your media strategy yourself, which could lead to lost investments.

To use the tools you need to perform

When you dive into digital-media advertising, you need to set up and regularly check many different tools. Yet, if you begin in the advertising industry, you may find it hard to find which tools you should choose, how to set them up, and optimize them and link them to one another. 

With the help of a media buying expert, you can benefit from… 

  • A DCO platform (Dynamic Creative Optimisation). Most of the time, this platform was developed inside your expert’s company, to use precise criteria to plan your advertising campaign (geotracking, prices, the target audience’s online behavior, or events such as the weather or the live sports results…). 
  • Predictive algorithms. Those are based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, and can help you set your marketing strategies on predictive models. 
  • Dashboards. Those are essential to follow up on your campaigns’ performance: your expert automatically keeps them up-to-date, so that you can know precisely where your budget goes, and what results it generates. 
  • Campaign automation tools, especially for trade marketing or very precise geo-tracking campaigns. With campaigns that depend on so many segments and details, you can easily mix everything up! But not with the right expert: he or she knows how to use automation tools to broadcast the right message, in the right format, to the right audience.

To pay according to the results generated

Every media buyer doesn’t work the same way, but some can offer payment methods helping you streamline your investments. 

For instance, a performance-focused provider can offer you to pay once your ad campaign is over, and the results are generated. As a consequence, you really control your ROI, which comes even quicker than if you managed your ad budget inside your company.

To progressively internalize your programmatic advertising

Thinking of internalising your media buying? Outsourcing your strategic programmatic planning, in the beginning, can help you progressively develop your digital marketing skills to do so. 

The best practice you can apply is internalization crescendo your media buying: 

  1. First internalise your strategy to set up the bases, and fully understand how you can reach your goals
  2. Then internalise your AdTech or MarTech tools, to master their use
  3. Finally internalise the operational part of your online advertising activity, ie the creation, launch and optimization of your media campaigns

Why consolidate all your ad investments with a single provider?

To streamline your media buying, choosing a single provider can be a great call. Do you think this may be too risky? Take a little time to consider the benefits of this method.

Script and personalise your messages with efficiency

By putting one single expert in the driving seat of your advertising campaigns, you make sure you keep a unified vision of how your target audience experiences your ads

It can be difficult to keep a precise vision of your different advertisements and messages on your own. Imagine you first decide to address a message through a video ad, then offer your audience a classic remarketing banner, and finally broadcast a personalized message depending on the target’s geolocalisation (DCO)... See how this kind of ad strategy can become hard to track if different providers work on each part of it?

media buying

An example of a precise media buying strategy, based on time schedules and consumer uses

That’s why choosing a single provider ensures you keep overall consistency in your online media buying.

Proceed through continuous test-and-learn

Maybe you already know that the key to getting great results through programmatic advertising is to adapt one’s strategy, its targeting, its formats, and its budget to the generated results

Yet, this test-and-learn method calls for special resources… and a lot of time! If you choose media buyers, you’ll constantly have to make the link between their different media strategies, for an optimum media mix. 

Consolidating all your investments into a single expert can save you a lot of time, and help you aim at more performance. 

Keep an agile mindset, to perform better

What’s better than ads contextualized with current events? As an advertiser, you need to make sure you stay agile, and quickly change your media buying strategy if needed

The Covid-19 crisis has learnt advertisers that. For instance, with various lockdowns, some advertising mediums (such as street print advertising) made it harder and harder for companies to reach their target market. Those companies then had to invest part of their media budget in drive-to-web or drive-to-store strategies, or local campaigns.

To do so, you absolutely have to centralize your strategy and your media buying through one provider. This expert will keep an eye on the current best practices, to avoid you losing part of your investments in formats and channels that won’t deliver you optimal results.

Have access to a unified reporting

If you have one single programmatic expert dedicated to your project, you end up with one single simple-to-read reporting. Your advertising agency or media desk can help you observe your campaigns’ KPI on a single, unified dashboard.

But beware! The key to good reporting also lies in your provider’s ability to connect their tools to yours (whether they are attribution tools, such as Easyence or Eulerian Technologies, or tracking tools, such as Google Analytics.

This makes it easier for you to just select the key metrics that you’re interested in on your dashboard, and present it to your internal team, to justify your media investments. 

What if Gamned! took over your media buying strategy?

Intrigued by outsourcing your advertising media strategy? Gamned! and its 10+ expertise in programmatic media buying can help you out!

5 good reasons to call on Gamned!

Here are a few reasons to hand out your media buying to Gamned!

  • Benefit from tried-and-tested programmatic expertise, on diverse industries and impactful advertising mediums.
  • Enjoy guaranteed performance: our experts can guarantee your company results, based on what your goals and KPI are, and on market medium performances.
  • Set up constant campaign tracking, so as to optimize your campaign’s performance on a daily basis. Our Key Account Managers follow your marketing needs, and our Media Traders translate them to smart programmatic strategies, to reach your goals. 
  • Test out other ad mediums with a low budget, such as TV advertising. 
  • Benefit from the Unify / TF1 group’s exclusive audiences and data. Our group contains different brands, with granular audiences, that you can dig into (Marmiton for agribusiness, Doctissimo for health, Au Féminin for beauty, Les Numériques for high-tech…)

In fact, Gamned! associates digital and human skills, all focused on your performance!

Gamned!: your unique entrance inside the programmatic universe

Programmatic is a huge world, full of different advertising networks, tools, and actors. Gamned! can support you through this complex universe, and become your one and only adviser in terms of digital media buying. 

Gamned! is a media buying agency that is fundamentally based on human interactions. Around us gravitate all the actors of the programmatic universe:

  • Tool providers you may already use, such as your DMP, your analytics tool, your TMS, or Adserver
  • Activation actors, on display, Social Media, DOOH, TV, in-game, or drive-to-store
  • Major ad networks, such as Teads, Sublime, AdYouLike or Taboola
  • Solid partners, namely for attribution, ad viewability, impact survey, CRM onboarding… 

We love bringing value and performance to our customers. That’s why we developed and offered our clients our own panel of tools. The Engaged DCO, the GBO predictive algorithms, or our Insights dashboards help you monitor your performance and streamline your investments!

media buying - results & follow up

Want to talk about how programmatic can help you reach your marketing goals? Contact our experts right now.

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